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The purpose of the College & Career Readiness Program is to prepare high school seniors for life after high school (i.e. college, military, trade school, etc) and assist college students who need guidance with career choices, financial aid, resume building, mock interview strategies, scholarships, and everyday life situations that occur in college. Our mission is to provide students with a plan of action that will assist them as they create a solid foundation and accelerate into the future.

Dear Summer Classic and Spring Up Classic is a 1 day basketball workshop event  for girls and boys that was created in 2018. The purpose of this event is to inform students of the various options they have after graduating from high school (i.e. community college, trade school, etc). During this event students are exposed to various topics such as financial aid, admissions, degrees/certificates offered, job placement statistics, and many more; and at the conclusion of the event students have the opportunity to request more information and speak to a representative.