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Senicia Burke

I am honored to be the Stylist Director at the Ninth Wonder Foundation and equally excited to apply my experiences to create happy moments for those in need.

At the end of completing my cosmetology degree, I participated in a supporting role at the non-profit Heartfelt Haircuts in Reno, Nevada. Wanting to have an impact in the community, I volunteered to cut hair for many homeless men and women to help boost their self-esteem during that difficult time in their life. I’d listen to their stories and help them get ready for the next chapter in their life and helped ready them for their job-hunting process. My experience with this non-profit allowed me to join the Saint Baldrick’s Foundation where I would shave the hair of volunteers to raise money for the foundation. This televised charity event reached a wide audience and the proceeds were donated to children with Cancer.

In my 19 years of being a stylist, especially becoming a hair extensions specialist, I learned to communicate better. I also learned a stylist can play a unique role in the need for change. Being a young mother of 3, I enjoy teaching my kids positive thinking, independence, and self-love. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, going to sporting events, boxing, and spending time with friends and family.