To create an inclusive culture for the youth fostering Hope, Perseverance, and Self Confidence in their everyday lives.


To develop global citizens by investing in the youth through mentorship, life skills training and sports skill development.

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About Us

Be a 9th Wonder specializes in mentoring the youth by way of sports skill development, while providing life skills workshops to prepare them for adulthood.

We’ve traveled the world and want to continue to do so by reaching out to organizations and communities to help inspire their youth. We have camps, clinics, individual skill sessions and small group workouts for boys and girls who are looking to take their game to another level. We are not concerned about whether you are the best, we just want you to help you be YOUR best.

We host many different types of events and services, including:

  • Basketball and Soccer Clinics for children with Special Needs
  • Christmas Basketball Toy Drives
  • Aiding students and student athletes in preparing for college.
  • Sporting clinics for boys and girls *Middle School and Up*

And we intend to do more…

Some of our events will include participants of former professional and college athletes and Coaches as guest speakers and volunteers.

For more details or enquire about Be a 9th Wonder, reach us on

Our 2nd Annual Autism Awareness Super Elite Clinic
Becoming Wonder Woman (Basketball)

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"To be or not to be?" That's not the question, that is the answer. You either are or You're not. So BE...Be A Ninth Wonder"

-Remi Yusuf